Walden III – Off the Grid Tiny Home

After watching Aveline’s and SimLicy’s off the grid tiny home builds, I decided to make one of my own.

I built it for a sim couple with nature aspirations that wanted to take some time for introspection.

While most of the appeal of this home is outside, let’s take a quick peek inside first:

A small living space which contains a double bed, a bookshelf, and a fridge to store leftovers from the fire pit outside. Plenty of windows let in lots of natural light as well as give a beautiful view and the many candles keep it lit after the sun goes down.

This 3×3 bathroom is a bit larger than many tiny houses, but it features this really cute slat window from Island Living. All items in the house are marked for use off-the-grid.

The outside of the house has plenty of room for gardening and other outside activities. Currently there are 3 rows of spring bearing vegetables, 3 bee houses, and three fruit trees. The fire pit is right outside of the outdoor sitting area. There is also a swing set to fill up that fun motive!

The deck area includes an easel, a dining area, a meditation stool, and some planters.

You can download Walden III here or by searching #mintsweettea in the gallery!

Yeri Cropped Tee Recolor

Download (sfs)


Hello Everyone! My newest piece is a recolor of simgguk’s Yeri Cropped Tee! It comes in 16 swatches of 8 patterns each on a regular tee and a baseball tee! The mesh is needed and can be downloaded here!

I was making a sim earlier today and put the cropped tee on her and realized that while I loved the baseball tee options, I wanted MORE of them, so I ended up making my own. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do (p.s. the two pictured on the model are my FAVES!)

The model for this set is Katlyn Westfall! She just recently started her job as a scientist and is starting to meet some of her neighbors in Strangerville. A handful came to visit on her first day and acted a bit strange. But they gave her this really cool fruit that tasted amazing!

So far the only person she’s met that doesn’t seem super weird is Colin Cahill, son of George Cahill. He just moved here because the rest of the family was very concerned about his father who seems to be a bit off the deep end. He volunteered to come stay with his father for a little while, but realized that there really is something …strange going on in Strangeville!

Download (sfs)


Mattie Overalls

Sims File Share

New custom content! I spent several days trying to figure out how to make these overalls from Backyard Stuff so that they could be used as pants and I could wear any shirt under them, but sadly I learned I couldn’t do that. Instead, I took one of my favorite shirts to replace the shirt under the overalls.

Is there a shirt that you want under the overalls? Let me know by either commenting on this post on the Request page and I will see what I can do!

And for the models here, I’ve already introduced Trish here, but to the left we have Candice Carnes and to the right is Katlyn Westfall.

Candice is in the culinary career, working towards her dream of being a master mixologist. She is self-assure, a bookworm, and a dance machine! She currently lives in San Myshuno.

Katlyn is in the science career, and her aspiration is to be a freelance botanist. She just moved to Strangerville, and so far loves the atmosphere. She is a dog lover, vegetarian, and cheerful!

Check me out on Tumblr and Patreon as well!

Sims File Share

Trish Crop Tank

Sims File Share

Hello everyone! I’m really excited to share my first custom content piece with you! I found this tank on Pinterest and I just knew that I had to make it! This is essentially a retexturing/recoloring of the base game plain tank, so it’s base game compatible.

This top is named after the lovely model wearing it, Trish Wells. Trish is a high schooler who lives with her dad in Oasis Springs. She is a renaissance sim who is a bit of a perfectionist and loves her alone time. She isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she’s leaning towards public relations and social media.

Sims File Share

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